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Invisalign – an invisible orthodontic appliance

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic appliance in the form of a customized set of overlays made of a special type of transparent plastic. Unlike traditional, metal appliances, it is virtually invisible when worn. In addition, it can be removed by the patient during meals, which definitely makes the maintenance of oral hygiene easier. Orthodontic treatment […]


Aesthetic medicine

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) Botox Fillers Micro needle mesotherapy


Root canal therapy under the microscope

Root canal therapy with the use of a microscope is not always successful. A dentist may encounter a variety of difficulties such as unusual anatomy of the tooth, narrow, obliterated, or curved canals. Sometimes, there are also complications during treatment. These include: failure to find all canals, fracture of the endodontic instrument in the root […]


Dental surgery procedures

Piezoelectric surgery is a relatively new technique. It offers significant advantages over traditional bone surgery methods. Due to the adjustment of the operating frequency and the selection of various tips it is possible to adapt the device to work using a variety of surgical techniques, for instance, during dental extraction, bone grafting, or cyst removal. […]


Implants and crowns

A dental implant is an artificial root – an implant made of titanium, the size of which is of that of the natural root. This is the base on which an artificial tooth, hence a crown is placed. However, the number of placed implants must not always match the number of missing teeth. Multiple implants […]



Malocclusions may have a genetic background, however, the most common causes relate to bad habits developed in childhood. The state-of-the-art orthodontic braces really do wonders! This can be corrected without any problems – not only for beauty, but first of all for health. Everybody may have malocclusion corrected. There are no age limits. It usually […]


Tooth whitening

A row of snow-white, straight teeth, such as celebrities boast of, is rarely determined by the genes. Generally, it is the result of whitening procedures. Undoubtedly, white teeth are the most beautiful piece of women’s jewelry. Fortunately, various methods available nowadays can make this dream come true. Genetic factors greatly affect the color of the […]